8 Towns with New Restaurants on Their Menus

Article excerpt

Developer John Sfire recently told the Lake Zurich plan commission that quality, sit-down restaurants were "the last vestige of development to go into a community" - but that, after the first one is built, "they all want to come."

Lake Zurich is buzzing about several restaurants being built along Rand Road. Grayslake and Gurnee also have plenty of restaurant projects on their plates.

Fast food still dominates the landscape in many areas of the county, but family restaurants, Asian restaurants, steak houses and pizzerias are popping up all over. Here is just a small sample of towns serving up new places to satisfy your appetite.


John Sfire is preparing to build two more restaurants in the Deerpath Court shopping center on Rand Road. That's where the Carradino's Italian Eatery is taking shape. Lake Zurich, a town of some 18,000, already has 37 restaurants, but Sfire insists there's room for more. A Bennigan's and Walker Brothers Original Pancake House have been approved by the village board, and there is room for two more restaurants at the Costco/Home Depot development that's under construction on Rand.

"Eventually, we may see more restaurants in the downtown area," said village planner Vijay Gadde.


Grayslake is home to about 30 restaurants, and three more are in the works. That tip comes from Kirk Smith, the village's director of economic development. The proposed restaurants include a banquet hall that is going for village approval, an under-construction Panda Express Chinese restaurant and a Culver's, which is expected to start construction soon. Smith said Culver's is a chain specializing in hamburgers and frozen custard. He said it's popular in Wisconsin and is just moving into Illinois.


Gurnee has 69 restaurants - including four McDonald's. Brad Burke, assistant village administrator, reports restaurants are being built and others are being remodeled. …