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HOLLYWOOD star Vinnie Jones told me: "I have to live with my past, but I am trying to make a new life for myself."

No, it's not a line from one of Vinnie the Villain's films.

Just a typical hard-headed response to his change of career after being a top footballer.

He has gone from soccer hardman to movie tough guy in one seamless move. After Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels came Gone in 60 Seconds and now Snatch, a gangster action comedy with Brad Pitt.

He is also lined up to do movies with John Travolta and Burt Reynolds.

"In football, you're covered by a team," says Vinnie, now based in Los Angeles. "But you're on your own in acting. Nobody can hide you if you're rubbish and make a mess of your lines.

"It's important for me to get it right, because acting is all I've got left."

He adds: "The ultimate for me would to be the next 007 - all those shooters and stunts."

Vinnie appeared in Gone in 60 Seconds alongside Academy Award winners Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Robert Duvall.

Now, in new release Snatch, he's back with the bulk of the Lock, Stock team, including Madonna's boyfriend Guy Ritchie, the writer and director. And his co-star is one of Hollywood's hottest hunks, Brad Pitt.

Brad, who married Friends star Jennifer Aniston in the showbiz wedding of the year, plays an Irish gypsy in a tale of a diamond heist, illegal boxing bouts and retribution.

There's a running gag throughout the film that Brad's character speaks in a brogue that no one understands.

Vinnie, who helped out Brad with his research by introducing him to some real gypsies, is cast as a no- nonsense hitman.

Once, the only snatch Vinnie was famous for was when he grabbed Gazza's goolies.

Now he knows when to let go of the past and look to a different future. Lately, Vinnie has been out in Los Angeles playing a pimp in a small budget comedy called A Night At The Golden Eagle. And that's just the tip of a hectic schedule.

Next month he's due to team up with John Travolta on Swordfish and after Christmas he's going to make a new version of The Mean Machine. The forming an American football team. "We are changing the sport to soccer," says a smiling Vinnie.

Once that wraps, he's back in Los Angeles to play a detective in another film before going to Australia for Down Under, a comedy.

The start to his Hollywood career was straight out of a film script.

"It was 10pm when I got a call saying producer Jerry Bruckheimer would like to meet me - tomorrow. There were tickets for me on the next day's flight.

"So I flew over, straight to Bruckheimer's office - his table is as long as Park Lane, it's quite daunting really - and went in for 10 or 15 minutes with the director.

"I was hired, came out of the door and was back on the plane home." ABERDEEN

ODEON, Justice Mill Lane

Chicken Run (U) not Thu 12.20 (today), 2.20, 4.20, 6.20. Gone In 60 Seconds (15) 8.25 (not Mon). Gossip (15) 2.05, 4.20, 6.20, 8.40. A Midsummer Night's Dream (PG) Wed 10.30am. The Perfect Storm (12) 8.15 (not Thu). Pokemon (U) today 11.30am. The Road To El Dorado (U) today 12.10. Shanghai Noon (12) 1.25, 3.45, 6.05, 8.30. Snatch (18) Mon & Thu 1.30, 4.00, 6.30, 8.50. Stuart Little (U) not Mon 12.15 (today), 2.00, 4.10, 6.15. X-Men (12) 11.30am (today), 1.45, 4.00, 6.15, 8.35.

UGC CINEMAS, Queen's Link

Chicken Run (U) 11.15am (today), 1.30, 3.45, 6.00, 8.15. Gone In 60 Seconds (15) 1.20 (not today), 4.00, 6.40, 9.20. Gossip (15) 11.30am (today), 2.00, 4.20, 6.40, 9.00. High Fidelity (15) 8.30. M:I-2 (15) 1.00, 3.40, 6.30 & 9.30 (today & Tue-Wed). My Dog Skip (U) today 11.00am, 1.10. The Perfect Storm (12) 3.20, 6.20, 9.20. Shanghai Noon (12) 1.30, 4.00, 6.40, 9.30. Snatch (18) Mon & Thu 6.30, 9.00. Stuart Little (U) 11.45am (today), 2.00, 4. …