Civic League Strengthens Bonds with NLC Members

Article excerpt

For the past 18 months over 200 Fort Wayne, Indiana residents have been working together to develop a common vision of what they want their community to become over the next 20 years. Invent Tomorrow, Fort Wayne's vision and strategic plan will be completed this September.

This community vision is designed to provide direction and focus for the community in its efforts to improve the quality of life for all its citizens. Fort Wayne's visioning process will produce a concrete action plan that can be implemented immediately, and has identified champions to lead the implementation process and set realistic timelines.

The National Civic League (NCL), the nation's oldest good government organization, served as facilitator of the Invent Tomorrow process. NCL has been providing hands-on technical assistance to cities of all sizes for more than 15 years.

The National Civic League has a long history of partnership and cooperation with the National League of Cities and its members. NLC Executive Director Don Borut currently sits on the National Civic League's Council of Advisors.

As National Civic League President, Christopher T. Gates says, "When we talk with city officials throughout the country, we're often told of the complicated transition going on in the field of local government. As their roles become more intertwined, elected officials and professional managers have had to reevaluate their work in light of new demands from the community."

For the past 11 years, the National Civic League has worked with NLC by staffing the Partnership for Community Problem Solving. This partnership is a collaborative effort of the National League of Cities, the National Civic League and the International City/County Management Association, the National Association of Counties, the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, the International Downtown Association and the National Association of Regional Councils. …