Sychronized Multi-Media Integration Language Emerging as Leading Tech beyond Browsing

Article excerpt

Online broadcasting and multilateral data exchange may be the obvious indicators to change the pattern of electronic commerce and business in the near future.

However, current Web page editing tool based on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is core technology enabling users to make their homepage on the Net, does not meet these rising demands any more.

To break through this HTML's technological limitation, hundreds of markup language developers have been striving to materialize a real interactive data exchange environment on the Net.

At this stage of Internet evolution, a domestic venture start-up's enthusiasm for such e-commerce services is expected to realize a new solution for the first time in Korea.

Dasan Technology Co., a leading extensible markup language (XML) developer, said it has unveiled the new Internet markup language.

Synchronized Multi-Media Integration Language (SMIL), which overcomes the problems of the current standard Web programming tool, HTML, is designed to be well compatible with the next generation multimedia service including digital broadcasting.

``With Dasan SMIL editor, users can easily make their Web page for Internet broadcasting and multimedia service such as movies, cartoons and interactive data exchange,'' said Kang Cheol-gu, president of Dasan Technology.

The market condition of SMIL technology may seem to be strong because the major three TVs (KBS, MBC and SBS) will start digital broadcasting from next year. …