Gorecki Faces Two Investigations into Tapes Lawyers' Discipline Committee Also Has Been Looking into Case

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When Kane County Chief Judge Grant Wegner names a special state's attorney this morning, it will be the start of a second investigation into Kane County State's Attorney candidate Meg Gorecki.

In addition to the special state's attorney, the Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission is looking into charges that Gorecki suggested a friend offer money to get a county job.

Gorecki Thursday acknowledged that the commission is investigating, but she declined to comment further about it.

The bribery allegations have haunted Gorecki since March, when Sheriff's Deputy Jane O'Neil told sheriff's brass that Gorecki suggested O'Neil's then-husband offer money to get a county job.

O'Neil gave police an answering machine tape that included two messages from Gorecki. In the messages, which were recorded in 1999, Gorecki told O'Neil she should make a campaign contribution to County Board Chairman Mike McCoy to get Eric O'Neil a county job.

A newspaper account of the allegations was forwarded to the Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission last spring, Gorecki said. Since then, she has sent two letters to the commission about the charges.

In a May 2 letter to the commission, obtained by the Daily Herald, Gorecki chose her words very carefully.

For example, she writes: "I never told her (O'Neil) that anyone would have to be 'paid-off' to get a job. Nor did I tell her that I spoke to 'several sources.' "

A transcript of the answering machine tape, however, shows that Gorecki told O'Neil she spoke to "two people" and that one of the sources told her, "If you want the job done you grab the bull by the horns and you offer him the money."

In the same letter, Gorecki also denies speaking to McCoy or asking O'Neil for any money. …