Olympic Games: The Olympic QUIZ

Article excerpt

1. Which Midland girl gained a show jumping medal on Psalm in 1972?

2. Who was the first athlete to retain both the men's 5000 and 10.000 metres?

3. In which year did tennis re-appear at the games?

4. Who was the first athlete to achieve the men's 400/800 metres double?

5. Name the British show jumping team of five at Atlanta.

6. Penny Hayns struck gold for South Africa at Atlanta. How many years previous was it since a South African had achieved that feat?

7. Which British athlete was disqualifed from the men's 800 metres in 1988?

8. Which five cities were nominated for the 2004 Games?

9. Which were the first two British athletes to win Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Games gold medals and also break a world record in their event?

10. In which sport did Brian Jacks, Angelo Parisi and Dave Starbrook strike gold for Britain?

11. In which sport did Mark Spitz win seven gold medals at the same games?

12. Name the first five British women to win gold medals in athletic events.

13. In which gymnastic event did Nadia Comaneci achieve perfect marks to strike gold at Montreal?

14. Which two British athletes (one male, one female) who two medals each in 1984?

15. Who won an individual yachting medal for Britain in Atlanta?

16. Which two British swimmers won medals in Atlanta?

17. Name the event in which athlete Al Oerter became the first man to win the same title at four successive games.

18. Which Olympic boxing champion later threw his medal into a river?

19. At which weight was Sugar Ray Leonard an Olympic boxing champion?

20. Britain won gold medals in only three different sports at the Los Angeles games of 1984. Name them.

21. Which Midlander won a bronze medal in 1992 in the men's 200 metres breaststroke?

22. In which athletic event was Abebe Bikila the first man to retain the title?

23. What does the person taking the Olympic oath hold?

24. What does the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius, mean?

25. Which British boxer won a gold medal in 1968?

26. Britain won four individual athletic gold medals in 1980 in Moscow. By which four people?

27. What are the colours of the five rings on the Olympic flag?

28. Name the only five nations that appeared in every games between 1896-1976.

29. Simon Terry won two gold medals for Britain in which minor sport at Barcelona?

30. In which post war year did the games take place in London?

31. Which West Midland town's judo club provided four members of the British team in 1988?

32. Which future world heavyweight boxing champion was a gold medal winner at super heavyweight in 1988? …