Illegal Foreign Workers Allowed to Get Emergency Medical Care

Article excerpt

Illegally-staying foreign workers will benefit from financial support for emergency medical care as part of government measures to help protect their human rights.

The Justice Ministry yesterday decided to grant medical aid to foreign migrant workers who abruptly suffer from serious illnesses and grave accidents.

The decision was made during an inter-ministerial meeting of the human rights committee for foreign workers, which was chaired by Minister Kim Jung-kil.

From now on, medical bills will be covered by the Emergency Healthcare Fund for illegal foreign laborers who cannot afford to shoulder the costs.

The fund will be raised by fines imposed on medical institutions which violate administrative regulations on their medical operations.

Thus, migrant workers suffering from serious illnesses or injures can receive treatment from hospitals. And their medical bills will be covered by the public fund.

``We have decided on the measure because many migrant workers could not get proper medical care due to no money although they are highly prone to occupational diseases and job-related accidents,'' said a ministry official said. …