Airlines Troubled with In-Flight Disturbances

Article excerpt

Korean airlines have been troubled with a growing number of in-flight disturbances and violence directed at crews and passengers.

The excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is cited as the main cause of in-flight disorders, but since airlines are not in a position to stop offering them, they are at a loss to counteract.

A total of 63 in-flight violent incidents were reported last year, 48 by Korean Airlines on the both domestic and international service and 15 by domestic carrier Asiana.

The disturbances have rapidly increased in number over the last two years, registering a 37 percent growth in 1999 and 46 cases in 1998, compared to 22 in 1997 and 18 in 1996.

This year is no exception. For example, a Korean Airlines flight had to land in Anchorage, Alaska on Feb. 15 on its way to Seoul from New York after a passenger in his 20s attempted to harm himself after a quarrel with his fiance.

In an analysis of the causes of the disturbances, Korean Airlines reported that excessive drinking was the number one cause with 19. …