E-Commerce Week Kicks off with E-CEO Forum

Article excerpt

The e-Commerce Week, organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, kicked off yesterday at the Shilla Hotel with an e-CEO forum to be followed by a two-day international seminar.

The week-long event is designed to bring together not only large companies but small enterprises and Internet businesses to help promote transactions on the Internet.

At the e-CEO forum, Minister Kim Young-ho said capitalizing on the efficiency and productivity of e-commerce is especially important since Korea still lags behind advanced economies when it comes to high technologies.

``E-commerce provides us with a valuable tool to secure renewed competitivenes in this era of competition without boundaries and help sustain our trade surplus,'' Kim told the e-CEOs.

As part of e-Commerce Week, MOCIE has organized an international seminar on business-to-business (B2B) transactions at Hotel Lotte, evaluating the role of the Internet in business trading.

Among those making presentations will be Kim Yong-sup, president of Daewoo Information Systems; Bob Rush, vice president of Motorola; Prof. Kim Sung-hee of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Dr. Chris Tseng, director of Selectica.

On Thursday, there will be a workshop on the standardization of the e-commerce model for the next-generation Internet at the Korea Textile Center in southern Seoul. …