DoubleClick Brings Internet Advertising Solutions to Korea

Article excerpt

Internet advertising is the fastest growing segment of the global advertising market and DoubleClick has for the past four years made a business of providing only the most effective solutions.

``Internet advertisement banners posted by DoubleClick is seen 1.6 billion times a day. That is how dynamic the market is,'' said Kevin Ryan, president and chief operating officer of DoubleClick Inc.

Just how dynamic? Well, DoubleClick has grown from zero four years ago to $315 million in revenues last year and is looking at $500 million, and that is a huge portion of the global market valued at $6 billion.

``What we bring to advertisers and marketers is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and media expertise,'' said Ryan who was in Seoul Monday for the opening of DoubleClick Korea.

DoubleClick Korea is a joint venture between DoubleClick and, a leading pan-Asian consumer Internet company, integrating content, advertising and e-commerce.

Together, they have created a formidable force in the Korean Internet advertising market, helping advertisers and publishers make web advertising work by successfully centralizing the planning, execution, control, tracking and reporting for high-impact, on-line media campaigns.

``Never has there been a time when advertisers and publishers could initiate global campaigns through a single solutions provider and the Internet has made this happen,'' said Christopher Justice, chief executive officer of

Amidst its opening, DoubleClick Korea has already rounded up an impressive list of clientele, including Dacom's Chollian, thinkpool. …