Suicides from Job-Related Stress to Be Classified as Industrial Mishap

Article excerpt

Suicides committed by workers under stress from their jobs will be classified as industrial accidents, which will allow families of victims to receive insurance benefits.

``We have decided to include suicides from job stress as an industrial accident in efforts to widen the scope of accident insurance beneficiaries at workplaces,'' an official at the Ministry of Labor said yesterday.

He said that a growing number of workers come under heavy mental pressure due to the tense working environment since the society is getting more complex and specialized.

The ministry revealed that 11 workers committed suicides at workplaces last year.

The official added that workers begin to think about committing suicides after suffering from psychological shocks and physical pain, following industrial accidents and anxieties about their futures.

He said workers' suicides are widely recognized as job-related mishaps in Japan.

Many labor organizations and workers asked the government to include workplace suicides in the list of industrial accidents.

The ministry recently rewrote the industrial accident insurance system by including job-related suicides as industrial mishaps.

The ministry also expanded the range of industrial accidents more in order to give more workers insurance benefits. …