English-Only English Class Introduced

Article excerpt

Third and fourth graders at primary schools and first grade students at middle schools will learn English without the use of Korean during English classes in the 2001 school year.

The English-only classes will be introduced to fifth and sixth graders of primary schools, second graders fo middle schools and first graders of high schools in 2002, to third graders of middle schools and second graders of high schools in 2003 and third graders of high schools in 2004.

These are the main contents of a program to promote the English speaking ability of students, worked out by the Education Ministry on Tuesday.

According to the program, English textbooks at primary, middle and high schools will be overhauled to become more dialogue focused to sharpen the speaking abilities of students.

The ministry plans to manufacture and distribute a variety of dialogue-oriented tapes and materials, such as "Classroom English," to schools.

The number of native English teachers will also be increased to 402 next year from the current 188 and 15,000 primary school teachers will be trained in English during intensive courses each year. …