Standard E-Commerce Models to Be Developed for Each Ind

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Standard e-commerce models will be developed for respective industries, such as automobiles, steel and electronics, before the end of this year to promote electronic trading.

The Federation of Korean Industries said yesterday that e-commerce among businesses and consumers has been increasing at a rapid rate but there is a lack of comprehensive software to support these transactions.

Accordingly, the FKI is taking the initiative to develop standard software for each industry depending on their unique characteristics and put them in motion by the end of the year.

As an example of how effective such models can be, FKI officials cited the creation of ANX by the Big Three and 1,200 parts makers 1994 which resulted in the savings of more than $15 billion in costs.

To pursue the project, the FKI will be establishing a special committee under the Information-Communication Committee to bring together 50 member companies, 20 venture businesses and 20 universities and research institutes to develop the software.

``If necessary, we will set up a company as a consortium for specializing in e-commerce among the respective industrial sectors,'' said one FKI official. …