9 out of 10 Firms Fail to Meet 2 Pct Job Quota for Disabled Last Year

Article excerpt

Most companies and government agencies have come under attack for failing to provide a proper level of job opportunities to the disabled.

Nine of 10 companies hiring 300 workers or more were found to have refused to meet the mandatory two percent job quota for disabled persons last year.

The Korea Employment Promotion Agency for the Disabled (KEPAD) said yesterday that only 197 of 1,919 firms lived up to the two percent requirement in 1999.

A total of 10,625 disabled persons were employed at the 1,919 companies, accounting for only 0.54 percent of their entire work force of 1.95 million.

According to the KEPAD report, 5,478 disabled persons were employed at manufacturing firms with 976 working for transportation, storage and telecommunication corporations.

The agency affiliated with the Ministry of Labor added that 850 disabled persons were hired by real estate businesses, 576 by educational service firms and 484 by financial and insurance companies.

There are 1.05 million disabled people in Korea, or 2.35 percent of the nation's total population of 44.68 million.

Meanwhile, government agencies were reported to have employed 3,636 disabled persons, 1.32 percent of the total 276,419 civil servants.

The percentage is higher than 0.54 percent recorded by companies but it was still below the legally binding two percent quota.

Municipal and provincial administrations showed an average 1.62 percent of disabled workers over their entire number of employees.

Local educational offices posted 1.14 percent, while the central government recorded a mere 1.02 percent.

The nation's judiciary is reported to have the poorest results in promoting employment of the disabled with their figure standing at a mere 0. …