Hyosung Leads Korea's Synthetic Fiber Industry

Article excerpt

Incorporated in 1957, Hyosung, one of the leading chemical and nylon makers in Korea, has played a key role in the development of Korea's synthetic fiber industry and has grown into one of the world's top four nylon makers.

With the objective of re-launching as a major corporate leader at the dawn of the 21 century, Hyosung is getting its new start with merger of its four major affiliates -- Hyosung T&C, Hyosung Living Industry Co., Hyosung Heavy Industries Co. and Hyosung Corporation -- under the umbrella of the Hyosung Group.

Hyosung is one of Korea's top-class enterprises with annual sales of more than 1.3 trillion won and employing more than 3,700 workers.

Having started with synthetic fibers, Hyosung has diversified its business lines since the late 1970s by advancing into engineering plastics, polyester bottles, propylene and polypropylene, steel cord, bead wire, computer and information & communications systems and distribution.

By using its high technology accumulated throughout its history, Hyosung is now creating new values and living cultures to the customers in more than 150 nations worldwide.

In a wide perspective, the company also maintains its global presence through an international network of 10 local subsidiaries and 19 overseas offices that cover trading centers in 160 countries. Hyosung's employees of 8,000 people, cover a wide spectrum of enterprises including trade, textiles, chemicals, electricity, heavy industry, construction, and telecommunications.

Most products made by Hyosung are industrial goods like textiles, plastics and motors which are made to be processed into other forms by various manufacturers as opposed to consumer goods, which are made to be sold to the public.

Among others, the Nylon Yarn PU is the nation's largest manufacturer of nylon filaments. With its own rapid growth, Hyosung has emerged as the world's 4th largest manufacturer of nylon yarns.

With the success of its manufacturing operations owing to its use of advanced and innovative processing methods such as FDY spinning and spin-drawing, the company is a leader in the Korean textile and fiber industry in terms of processing and production technology.

The company is actively engaged in the production of nylon yarns and fibers, producing various products ranging from nylon filaments used for woven and knit fabrics, fishing nets and pantyhose to staple fibers for non-woven fabric.

Hyosung has expanded into the high-elastic spandex business, which is recently emerging as a main growth sector of the domestic textile industry, with facilities expansion resulting in strategic increases in sales volume.

The company is also Korea's largest vertically integrated and diversified polyester manufacturer, producing a wide range of products, from simple garment yarn to more sophisticated special-purpose materials. …