Lee & DDB to Bring Creativity to Korean Advertising Campaigns

Article excerpt

By Nho Joon-hun

Staff Reporter

Lee & DDB, a joint venture between Lee & Partners of Korea and the DDB Worldwide Communications Group, is determined to help Korean companies succeed in new markets around the world through creative on-line and off-line advertising.

At the launching of Lee & DDB, DDB chairman and CEO Kieth Reinhard said he has been impressed by the advertising industry in Korea that seems restless to establish its own voice.

Reinhard said the dramatic comeback of the Korean economy has seen a remarkable increase in advertising spending, up 43 percent last year, inspiring DDB to make a commitment in Korea.

The joint venture will be run by Lee Yong-chan of Lee & Partners and the operation will not only target the Korean market but help local companies penetrate foreign markets.

Lee, who is a well known figure in the advertising industry with many innovative campaigns, including SK's ``OK, SK!,'' said Lee & DBB is already assisting numerous companies' efforts to break into markets like China and that the partnership with DBB has come at a perfect time.

In particular, Reinhard pointed out that very significant changes are taking place in the global marketplace, such as the acquisition of Time- Warner by AOL (America On-Line), and companies must adapt to this new corporate environment. …