Raid on Underage Prostitution Sparks Row

Article excerpt

With the police crackdown on underage prostitution intensifying across the country, rumors have been heard that it would be necessary to introduce a licensed prostitution system in the country as an effective way to address this prostitution problem.

Some people propose that the licensed prostitution system could serve to resolve the prostitution problem fundamentally, alleging that now is the most opportune time, when a ``war against child prostitution'' is being waged nationally.

Their rationale is that because prostitution, probably the oldest profession in the history of mankind, is a ``necessary social evil,'' which could not be uprooted, it would be better to recognize prostitution as an official profession.

Some social scientists instead propose having brothels under strict public administration and setting up a kind of a ``center for prostitutes'' in moves aimed at managing prostitution systematically.

Their argument, however, is facing fierce opposition from women's civic groups.

Women activists prematurely warn against the possible move to introduce the licensed prostitution system, vowing to take collective action.

They flatly dismiss the notion of licensed prostitution, insisting that trying to make women the object of sexism and recognize prostitution which involves sexual services in return for money would be anachronistic. …