LG Electronics to Strengthen Display Devices, Digital Product Lines

Article excerpt

LG Electronics yesterday unveiled a strategy for this year, placing emphasis on display devices and digital products.

Outlining its business plan for this year, LG said it will inject 1.5 trillion won into the digital display division to push for the development of high- end products such as digital TVs, flat TVs, flat LCD monitors and PDPs (plasma display panel).

``Since LG Electronics has secured technologies for the world's leading display devices and digital products, the company will form strategic alliances with foreign partners to establish its brand power as a global player,'' LG Display Division President Koo Seung-pyeong said.

To that end, LG will strengthen its global network interconnecting Europe, Central Asia, China, Southeast Asia as well as North and South America.

LG's production lines and research centers in Korea will take the central role of developing high-end products while North America and Europe will function as the local hub for digital TV sets and display devices.

Meanwhile, LG factories in China and Southeast Asia will be set up as the strategic supply center for the overseas market, Koo said.

``In past decades, Korea joined the TV manufacturing sector too late and it took a long time for the company to secure its position in the world market, but the situation is different when it comes to digital display products,'' Koo said. …