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TACITUS (tr. Herbert W. Benario). Germany. 123 pages, 3 figures, I map. 1999. Warminster: Aris & Phillips; 0-85668-716-2 hardback 35 [pounds sterling] & $59.95; 0-85668-716-2 paperback 13.25 [pounds sterling] & $22.

ORRIEUX & SCHMITT PANTEL's textbook covers the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods of Greek history. The treatment concentrates on Greece rather than the colonies. There is a short chapter on the prehistoric background but, pace the back cover of the new translation, the survey ends with the imposition of Roman authority and does not deal with Byzantine culture. The treatment is basically historical but the narrative often pauses for helpful descriptions of institutions and customs. Care is taken to assess issues of interpretation and evidence. Headings, subheadings, `boxes' and `bullets' are thoughtfully distributed. There are simple but helpful illustrations and pithy appendices on sources of evidence, chronology and terminology. The ample bibliography of sources in English has been prepared especially for the new edition. The translation reads easily. Altogether, this engaging book seems likely to appeal to its intended student readership. …