Chinese Characters to Be Used in Tourist Road Signs

Article excerpt

Road signs near the country's major tourist sites will be revamped to ensure the compatible use of Chinese characters, the Ministry of Construction and Transportation announced yesterday.

In the first place, road signs on expressways leading to the four famous temples -- Tongdosa, Songkwangsa, Kumsansa and Haeinsa -- will be replaced by new ones where the temple names would be inscribed in Chinese characters.

Simultaneously, signs on national roads leading to Kyongju, Namwon, Puyo and Kongju, which are attracting many tourists from China and Japan where Chinese characters are used popularly, will be revamped at a cost of 1 billion won, the ministry said.

``The compatible use of Chinese characters would be extended to road signs near other tourist sites if this exemplary work draws positive responses from foreign tourists familiar with Chinese characters,'' a ministry official said. Thirty regions in the country are designated as strategic tourist sites by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Currently, road signs are featured with only Korean and English and tourists from Asian countries have been voicing complaints that they find it highly difficult to locate places, depending on the road signs. …