Technical, Vocational Education Emphasized

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An international conference on technical and vocational education was held in Seoul for five days from April 26.

The Second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education was organized jointly by Korea's Education Ministry and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Under the title of ``Lifelong learning and training: a bridge to the future,'' the congress was participated in by 720 representatives from UNESCO's 129 member countries.

The Seoul meeting provided a forum to redefine technical and vocational education policy to address employment and other socio-economic challenges of the early years of the 21st century.

Participants came up with a set of recommendations on the most relevant and effective directions to help people in both developed and developing countries to improve their employability and enhance their personal development.

These recommendations are intended to benefit the field of technical and vocational education as a whole.

The recommendations will also form the basis for UNESCO's global strategy in vocational education.

Korea should recognize the importance of technical and vocational education, especially when the nation is struggling to get out of the 1997 financial and economic turmoil.

``The congress provided a good opportunity for the nation to demonstrate that it has made remarkable progress in overcoming its economic woes,'' said an Education Ministry official.

He is sure that the conference helped the nation improve its international credibility and strengthen cooperation with foreign countries.

Among the policy recommendations is that vocational education ought to shift from traditional school education to lifelong learning and training. …