Collective Autonomous Mobile Robot Technology Developed

Article excerpt

A research team at a local university has developed a collective autonomous mobile robot system.

``We have developed a behavior learning algorithm for the collective autonomous mobile robots,'' said Dr. Sim Kwee-bo, associate professor of engineering at Chung-Ang University.

He said the novel robot technology is based on reinforced learning and conditional evolution.

``Cooperative behavior is a high level phenomenon observed in the society of social animals,'' Dr. Sim, who led the research team.``Recently the emergence of cooperative behavior in collective autonomous mobile robots becomes an interesting field in artificial life.''

The professor said that collective autonomous mobile robots can adapt to a given environment by means of reinforced learning.

The reinforcement learning is generated by a fuzzy inference engine. Dynamic recurrent neural networks are used as an action generation module, according to the new robot system.

``We also propose conditional evolution for the emergence of cooperative behavior,'' said Dr. Sim.

He explained that the evolutionary conditions are spatio-temporal limitations to the occurrence of genetic operations. …