German Firms to Hold Exhibition

Article excerpt

Over 20 German companies in Korea will hold a corporate exposition Oct. 3-6 at the Hilton Hotel Convention Center to showcase their newest technology and share their plans for the future.

The event, a part of ``German Weeks,'' a month-long festival launched Tuesday to celebrate Germany's 50th anniversary, will be the first of its kind in Korea.

``German businesses' presence here speaks for the growing relationship between Korea and Germany, and this gathering will cast a spotlight on them as a group,'' a German Embassy official said.

26 companies are expected to participate. They include top German economic powers here like BMW, AGFA, Bayer, Bartelsman, Bosch, Schering, Daimler Chrysler, Lufthansa Cargo.

That these big-name companies are participating in the event, in turn, shows that they are taking their role in the Korean economy seriously and consider their position here valuable, the official said.

Though the exposition is the only festival event that the companies will have a direct hand in, they have also played a major role in organizing the month long celebration as a whole, the German Embassy stressed.

``This whole event would not have been possible without the help (financial) from the German companies here,'' said Claus Vollers, German Ambassador to Korea during a press conference.

Meanwhile, other events scheduled for ``German Week'' sponsored by the German Embassy and corporations, cover all areas from cultural exhibitions to performances to political and economic forums, the embassy said. …