Internet Copyrights to Be Protected

Article excerpt

The ruling camp has decided to write a law to prevent the ever serious infringement of copyrights through the Internet and personal computer communications.

It plans to guarantee the intellectual property rights on cyber space, requiring those who want to send certain literary works via computer network to get the author's permission.

The unlawful copying of books and other writings at copy shops mainly around college areas will also be strictly prohibited.

Culture-Tourism Minister Park Jie-won, and Reps. Lim Chae-jong and Cha Soo-myung, chief policymakers of the ruling National Congress for New Politics (NCNP) and United Liberal Democrats (ULD), came up with the program in a policy-coordination meeting at the National Assembly yesterday.

With the envisaged legislation of the law, transmitting of writings with copyrights through the Internet and computer communications will be banned unless the users get consent from the authors.

The participant also agreed to have the copiers get the permit of the authors when they want to copy the writings. …