Soybean Curd Makers Group Moves to Sue Consumer Board

Article excerpt

A group of soybean curd manufacturers are preparing to file a damages suit against a publicly-run consumer advocacy group for their report that about 82 percent of locally-made soybean curd is made from gene-altered beans.

A staff at the Korea Federation of Soybean Curd Industry Cooperatives said yesterday that the federation is moving toward a court battle against the Korea Consumer Protection Board (KCPB).

The move came one day after Pulmuone, the nation's largest producer of soybean curd, filed a 10.6 billion won damages suit against the KCPB, claiming the firm has never used transgenetic beans to make soybean curd.

The federation slammed the KCPB for making public the report about the use of genetically-modified soybeans, which caused a sharp drop in sales of soybean curd of about 30 to 80 percent.

The federation official said the proposed lawsuit will focus on the safety of the gene-altered soybeans, claiming that there is no established evidence that transgenetic soybeans are a health risk.

He pointed out that the KCPB's Nov. 3 report has implications for soybean curd which contain ingredients of genetically-modified soybeans, thus raising potential fears about the safety of farm produce. …