Human Rights Come to Limelight in Film Fest

Article excerpt

Unknown facts about a progressive group of black people in the United States, connections between a football game and a cocaine cartel in Colombia and Iranian women in jeopardy at an Iranian court.

These may be the tip of the iceberg of human rights infringements which take place around the world and they will be featured in the soon-to-come Human Rights Film Festival.

Organized by Sarangbang group for Human Rights, Korea, it will run on Nov. 26-Dec. 2 at Yesul Theater on Dongguk University's campus in downtown Seoul.

Most of the 14 local and 28 foreign films lined up for the festival are documentaries made either this or last year.

The opening piece will be ``All Power to the People'' written and directed by Lee Lew-Lee. The 115-minute documentary made in 1997 looks into distorted media reports on the Black Panthers and carries interviews with a number of black civil rights activists.

``For Everyone Everywhere'' is a 30-minute film including rare interviews with the people who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other precious materials on human rights so far unknown to the public. Actor Harrison Ford of the ``Indiana Jones'' trilogy is a narrator in this United Nations educational documentary commemorating the 50th year of the declaration.

Meanwhile, French-made ``Sorrow and the Pity'' digs through what was behind World War II incidents which happened in France. Directed by Marcel Ophuls, the four-hour-20-minute work is intricately woven with news clips from World War II and interviews with people who were either resistance fighters or sided with the Nazis. It was nominated for ``Best Documentary'' in the 1972 Academy Awards and won the 1972 New York Film Critics Circle Award.

Set in Ural, ``Outskirts'' sheds light on the struggle of farmers who have stuck with collective farming even after the collapse of the Communist regime in Russia. The comic film is in black and white.

``Socorro Nobre'' (Life Somewhere Else) directed by Walter Salles is a poetic description of a friendship between a sculptor who defected to Brazil due to Nazi persecution and a woman jailed in prison. …