Labor-Management Relations to Worsen Next Year: Survey

Article excerpt

More than half the 500 people surveyed painted an pessimistic picture about the prospects for labor-management relations next year.

According to a poll released yesterday by the Tripartite Commission of Labor, Management and Government, 50.6 percent of the respondents predict that labor-management ties will deteriorate in 2000.

The recent survey was conduced among workers, businessmen, civic group staff, journalists, politicians, policy makers, scholars and others.

Among those surveyed, 71.5 percent of workers said they are pessimistic about improvements to labor-management relations in the coming year.

Seventy-five percent of civic group staff also believe that ties will become worse.

On the other hand, 68.5 percent of politicians and government officials thought that workers will develop more cooperative relations with management next year.

And 65.2 percent of journalists expect that labor and management will enter into a better relationship in 2000.

Over fifty percent of scholars and businessmen were optimistic about the labor relations.

When asked about the major reasons for destabilizing factors, 28. …