Student Athletes Attend Leadership Conference

Article excerpt

Wauconda High School has joined the new North Suburban Conference.

As a part of joining, the 12 schools attended a leadership conference July 30 and 31 at Stevenson High School.

There, students interacted in small group activities and listened to Michael Brandwein, the conference's guest host, who has an extreme knack for motivating student athletes.

The athletic directors from all 12 schools spent about a year putting the conference together.

"There were about 35 to 40 sophomores, juniors, and seniors from each school there," Athletic Director Jim LePage said.

Athletes from every sport were chosen to attend based on their outstanding leadership qualities.

Despite the title, the conference dealt with more than just leadership. Through dynamic lectures from Brandwein, student athletes learned how to communicate better with their teams, that no one is a natural, a good athlete works for skill and ways to be satisfied with your performance when it's not always the best.

"One of the most effective parts that Brandwein spoke about is saying someone is 'gifted' takes away from the person and their hard work. No one is a 'natural' at anything. If someone is exceptionally good at something that they do, it's because they worked hard, not because what they do is 'effortless' to them," said Richard Wolf, head boys basketball coach. …