Careers in Recreation Gain Popularity at College

Article excerpt

The recreation business has dramatically increased in popularity over the past two decades.

People are much more active now than in past years. More and more people are making better use of their recreation and leisure time through fitness activities, art, music, and learning a variety of new skills.

An increasing number of families participate in special events and programs provided by local park and recreation agencies. With the hectic schedules of today's family, this time is considered some of their most coveted time spent together.

Generally speaking, the staff who run these programs have chosen the recreation profession as their career. Most have attended major universities or colleges to pursue a degree in parks and recreation. The business of providing parks and recreation activities, facilities, programs, and events on the local level has also increased the opportunities for young people pursuing a job in the recreation business.

The opportunities for students coming out of high school today and pursuing a career in parks and recreation are limitless. Tourism, sports marketing, nature conservation, and programming for the disabled are all areas that have expanded in recent years and offer numerous avenues for college grads to pursue.

Most park districts in the state of Illinois have specialists in providing programs for the disabled, for nature conservation, in special events, athletics, and even in public relations.

Universities, such as the University of Illinois, are conducting major research to learn more about people's recreation habits, their likes and dislikes, their needs and desires, and the types of events and activities in which they participate. …