Faith, Education Are Keys to Life

Article excerpt

"Education is my love, my passion," said Maxine Hill, vice chairman of the Board of Trustees for Oakton Community College. She was elected treasurer on the state level for two years. Likewise, she has been a representative for a number of committees on a national level.

Many admire her tenacity, her determination and her leadership qualities. She has never backed down or away from a good cause and has 'won the good fight' more times than not.

Others admire this 58-year-old lady's unwavering spiritual belief system, her compassion for others, and the many kindnesses she has done on their behalf.

Still others stand back in amazement of her tireless work with the committee that was formed to fight gangs after a young neighborhood man was killed. Also, they are in awe of her managing to get state funding for the repair of a parkway that was actually privately owned. Her teaching background covers Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. Hill is one very special gal.

"I believe strongly in what I am doing; I believe the Lord is leading me one day at a time, one step at a time. He is my strength," she said.

Hill is the second oldest of seven children who grew up in Detroit. Both her parents influenced her life greatly in the area of family values. …