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It's time to fight crime the old-fashioned way

AS an ex-police constable it really concerns me that your paper has to write about "crime- ridden" Coventry council estates.

There were police officers, now sadly gone, who would turn over in their grave.

They were officers who carried out a zero tolerance every working day. This was before this phrase had been used.

I think of officers like Deputy Chief Constable Cliff Harris who when retired still caught a young burglar while in his vest and pants.

Supt Mick Bennett - he would get a troubled public house closed overnight. Supt Frankie Colley, my own inspector for many years - you did not argue with him twice.

Men who on a point of honour would not let bad- element trouble continue.

This was including and before personal radios were introduced. You had your baton, whistle and handcuffs. You depended on getting to a phone or a member of the public phoning for assistance.

I remember colleague PC Joseph O'Shea, again sadly gone.

He put a pedometer on his leg on 7-8 beats i.e. Holbrooks and Longford area. He clocked 18 miles checking properties. Plus of course attending incidents. Seldom with a police car.

There has to be an answer to the current problems. It should not have to be shop keepers paying for extra police.

You report a bank in Riley Square, Bell Green, is to close because of being raided five times. This is awful.

There must be a group of people in the police, local councillors and businessmen who can sit round a table and say this is the time for real zero tolerance to go into action.

Name and address supplied.

TV's bad influence

THE average IQ in Great Britain is 100. Should a politician, however, taking cognisance of this fact when concerned about rising crime figures, advocate a return to common sense policies of pain, fear and humiliation, then he or she is likely to be howled down.

While media moguls it appears, for reasons best known to politicians and the so called regulatory bodies, remain free, it seems, to influence the weak and vulnerable, even deprave and corrupt.

Channel 5's latest proposal for the betterment of the human situation, apparently sets out to allow people considering divorce to fight publicly, in the best Big Brother tradition.

We are not informed by advance publicity, whether or not consideration has been given to possible long-term effects on the warring partners or on their families.

One looks forward to the churches and other concerned organisations making their views known.

C T Wareing,

chairman, National Viewers and Listeners Association, Winyates Green, Redditch.

Still a loo crisis

REFERENCE to the toilets in Coventry city centre.

We've got empty shops, why can't one of these be turned into one for the people?

Also has anything been done about toilets at the bus station in Pool Meadow?

And we also need attendance people with the toilets anyway.

We don't mind paying if the men pay as well. Also what's happening to some of the old buildings boarded up?

Mrs Dianna Bennett,

Browns Lane, Allesley.

Using tax payers' money to honour Godiva is ironic

AFTER reading the item Namesakes Tribute to Lady G (Telegraph Saturday October 7) I felt a little cynical when I read that the balance of the collection (nearly pounds 500) was to be made up by Lord Mayor Sheila Collins from her millennium budget. …