Young Target Cash Website; Founders Stunned by Internet Success

Article excerpt

CHILDREN from across the globe are hooking up to a popular Worcestershire-based Internet website to find out how to juggle their finances in the world of money.

Mr Nick Baldwin and Andy Jones have been stunned by the success of their site created when Nick's son, Charlie, inquired about his dad's career.

As a financial adviser, Nick sat down and drew up a children's potted version of money and hooked up to Mr Jones' Ombersley company, Jones Tomlinson Associates, which designed the website.

The site allows children to interact with the Moneykins family and the aim of it is to teach children up to the age of 11 the value of money and how to manage it.

But Mr Baldwin sad: 'Such has been its success that more than 3,000 worksheets are downloaded every week and we have had many thousands of visitors to the site.

'It is enormously popular with teachers and we just cannot believe how highly successful it has become. …