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Girl-Powered Comebacks

It turns out the Spice Girls' optimistically titled album, "Forever," isn't the season's biggest comeback attempt. Straight outta the suburbs, '80s mall queen Tiffany--now a 28-year-old mom--is releasing her first album in a decade, "The Color of Silence." Where has she been for the last 10 years? If what's being billed as her "adult" album doesn't fill us in on the growing pains, there's a VH1 "Behind the Music" episode to accompany the album release. And speaking of comebacks, pop sensations Destiny's Child may have two top-25 hits right now, but they're always coming back from something. Since January they've lost two original members--and one of the replacements. And now two more tough breaks. While touring with Christina Aguilera this month, the group's Kelly Rowland broke two toes during a backstage costume change. But the show goes on. These days she sings from a chair while the 14-year-old sister of bandmate Beyonce Knowles does her dance moves. Heavy rotation is their specialty.

The Unforgiven

No wonder she's having problems in the ratings--Dr. Laura Schlessinger is clearly no expert on self-help. Last week she took out an ad in Daily Variety extending a "heartfelt" apology for her anti-gay rhetoric, which, she notes, "has been personally and professionally devastating to me." True enough: the face-saving gesture comes just as her show was canceled by four more stations. Although she insists the move was not about her falling numbers, critics charge it's just a "sorry" excuse for the failure of her show. …