THE WEEK IN HER OWN WORDS; Pregnant Pause Could Get Girls in Soapy Bubble

Article excerpt

ANOTHER Soap, another teenage pregnancy. This time the fall girl is EastEnder Sonia. Can't they for once find an original story line for their younger female actors?

They hit puberty and wham, bam the next thing we know, they're up the duff - especially when the ratings are doing a nosedive. Couldn't one of them achieve something instead of a baby? It's lazy TV, but it's also dangerous TV.

Because it implies that having a baby in your early teens is inevitable, a bit like starting your periods, really. Talk about planting ideas into a young girl's brain.

And, of course, in cosy Corrie Street and big-hearted EastEnders, there's never a lack of money, baby-sitters or accommodation.

What there won't be, of course, are any consequences for the gym short dads. You would think they were virgin births.

I mean, have we seen hide or hair of the lad who impregnated 13-year-old Sarah Louise in The Street?

Which might not matter if the kids didn't watch the suddsers, but they do. Do we really want then thinking not only pregnancy is unavoidable, but that it hasn't a scoobie's to do with men?

MARGARET THATCHER, may she rot in hell, should be hung by her scrawny neck until she is dead.

The woman deserves to be dragged from the House of Lords and strung up on Big Ben or, failing that, charged with mass murder.

Personally, I don't believe in capital punishment, but I am willing to make an exception for her. There is so much blood on those soiled hands.

At the very least she should be stripped of her title and put on trial instead of having the gall to swan around as if she was this country's saviour instead of its plague carrier.

Because Margaret Thatcher is the one person responsible for BSE and the even greater tragedy that is CJD.

In their desperate, pathetic efforts to appease Thatcher, everyone from her fawning ministers to her cowed civil servants, fell over themselves to give their mistress not the truth but what she wanted to hear.

That there was no risk, no crisis, no likely crossover from contaminated beef to human beings. The evidence may have suggested there was, but Thatcher knew better - she always did.

She spoke and they obeyed. They hid the evidence. They buried the facts.

There isn't any point in this report naming that sad sack Major, it was Thatcher who created the climate of fear in which this pitiless pestilence flourished.

It was M'Lady's actions, or rather her inaction which condemned thousands - and maybe a million - to die from this most foul, most cruel of deaths.

All in the name of filthy lucre. …