Nuclear Power Most Economic, Safe Energy

Article excerpt

As the demand for energy increases around the world, particular in countries like Korea where there is active manufacturing and the standard of living is improving, there is a constant search for alternative energy sources to boost supply.

The nuclear community believes that the effective utilization of environmentally-clean nuclear energy should be further extended and expanded along with continued innovation and improvement in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities in conjunction with associated nuclear fuel so as to realize sustainable development and to enhance the prosperity of mankind, nuclear experts said.

Along this line, the Korea Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. and the Korea Nuclear Society, in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, is holding the 12th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference at the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) in southern Seoul.

``In fact, nuclear energy is endowed with multi-faceted advantages over other forms of energy in its economics, storage capability, spin-off contribution to technological enhancement, the amount of waste and environmentally friendly nature,'' one organizing official said.

The non-power aspects of nuclear technology, such as food irradiation, medical uses of radioisotopes and radiation as well as its industrial and agricultural application, are more important and rewarding, the reason being that they are more directly applicable to the daily lives of people, he explained.

In order for nuclear energy to be viable for sustainable development, further enhancement is required in the areas of the economic competitiveness, safety features, societal acceptability, spent fuel and radioactive waste management.

``To meet such challenges, international cooperation is a key to success. The PBNC-2000 will focus on such prime issues and attempt to resolve the impending tasks imposed upon the nuclear academia and industry as well as policymakers,'' the official said.

At the plenary sessions, invited speakers from national and international organizations are highlighting pivotal issues associated with nuclear policies and future prospects as well as the role of nuclear energy to mitigate the world-wide environmental devastation.

In 12 technical sessions, there will be many presentations dealing with important technologies, status of research & development and long-term prospects of nuclear energy for running the wheels of civilization in consideration of safety features involving major nuclear accidents in the world, the organizing official said. …