TV Highlights : 5 Reasons to Turn On

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PARKINSON Saturday, BBC1, 8.55pm

Parky hasn't lost his touch. In the past the silver-tongued, and now silver-haired, chat show host has persuaded such top notch celebrities as Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael, Fred Astaire and Posh Spice to grace his show. And recently he persuaded Madonna to give a frank chat for a forthcoming Christmas special. Now, in another exclusive, he's got David Beckham into the hot seat. In Becks' first major TV interview, the soccer ace talks about being constantly in the public eye, his footballing career and life with Posh. Maybe we'll hear the truth about those thongs.BEST FACTUALSCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN

Saturday, C4, 10.35pm

With Halloween looming, what better time to explore our love of films that scare us silly? In a run-up to C4's Film Fear season - which features the network premiere of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Mark Kermode presents this history of the slasher flick. His journey goes from Hitchock's Psycho, through the Halloween, Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street series to recent spoofs such as Scream and Scary Movie. There are interviews with directors Wes Craven and John Carpenter, and Robert Englund talks about playing bogeyman Freddie Krueger (above). Best not watch it alone, after dark.


LITTLE BIRD Wednesday, ITV, 9pm

Social workers come in for a lot of flak, whatever they do is wrong, especially where kids are concerned. And this moving drama explores the emotional difficulties they face. Rachel Lewis (Amanda Burton) is assigned to the case of four-year-old Trudie (twins Kimberley and Helen Dorman). Unwanted by her step-dad, Trudie is placed with Michael and Ellen Hall (Ewan Stewart and Niamh Cusack). …