Nature's Classroom Fourth-Graders Study the Environment on Actual Field Trip

Article excerpt

Roughly 180 little gods stormed through Naperville turning leaves into frogs and making cats out of branches.

The divine fourth-graders from Spring Brook Elementary School in Naperville were participating in the school's annual Fall Foliage Festival at Knoch Knolls Park.

"It's a celebration of our current science unit on nature and the environment," teacher Jill Koebrich said.

All Spring Brook fourth-graders took a school day last week to hike to the park and collect leaves, berries and shrubs.

Using construction paper, they then made nature animal collages out of the elements they'd gathered. The collages are on display at the school through the end of November.

The field trip was a cross between art, social studies and science, Koebrich said.

The students have been studying the climates of Illinois compared to other regions, dissecting owl pellets and examining the germination of brine shrimp.

The filed trip's goal was to awaken students to the beauty of their natural surroundings.

"It benefits them because they see the parks that are right in their back yards," Koebrich said. …