Coalition Voter Guides Are Propaganda, Says Florida GOP Candidate

Article excerpt

A Republican officeholder seeking reelection in Seminole County, Fla., says his views were misrepresented and distorted by the Christian Coalition.

Seminole County Commissioner Daryl McLain told the Orlando Sentinel he had good reason to be suspicious of the group's motives: One of his opponents in the Sept. 5 GOP primary was Bob West, former Florida field director for the Coalition.

McLain said he sent detailed, written responses to the Coalition's survey, which asked for his views on 49 issues. Despite the level of detail, McLain was surprised to see all of his views listed as "unclear" on the Coalition's voter guide.

"It's pure misinformation, it's propaganda," McLain said. "I think, in my opinion, if you read the answers, they are clear, crystal clean [West's] tactics are those of misinformation and mud-slinging."

The candidate survey asked officeseekers to give their views on issues ranging from abortion and gun control to zoning. McLain said on the issue of so-called "partial birth" abortions, he wrote, "I believe partial-birth abortions should be banned." The guide, however, listed his stand on this issue as "unclear."

West said McLain had failed to follow the Coalition's directions, which require candidates to mark "support," "oppose" or "undecided" for the issues listed. …