Costner Shows Up at Practice; Jauron Says Media Coverage Fair

Article excerpt

Byline: Kent McDill Daily Herald Sports Writer

Something exciting actually happened at Bears practice Friday.

Kevin Costner showed up.

The actor-director is in Chicago filming a movie, and he stopped by to watch the Bears work out in preparation of Sunday's game with the Indianapolis Colts.

He is friends with a member of the Bears' coaching staff.

"I understood he was here, and you know he loves sports," Bears coach Dick Jauron said. "He has made the baseball movies, and the golf movie (Tin Cup) that I am aware of."

Jauron said he was well aware of Costner, unlike some football coaches, who are so buried in the game they don't know what is going on in the rest of the world.

Can't argue: Media coverage of the Bears this season has been relatively concrete, explaining why they have lost seven of eight games without spending much time placing blame. Jauron said the coverage he has seen has been fair.

"We haven't given them a whole lot of positive things to write about," Jauron said. "What ever slant they take, it is hard to defend our position. We are not where we want to be, nobody is happy about it here, all we can do is redouble our efforts and try to get where we want to be.

"I have said all along this is a great sports town, and people know their sports. They boo you for a reason. The only way we can stop the negative press or fans to boo us is to win. And we will keep working in that direction until we get it done. In the meantime, I have nothing to complain about. We have given them every opportunity to criticize."

Jauron said he reads as much of the team's coverage as he can to stay apprised of outside opinions.

He's back: Center Olin Kreutz has completed his return from the sore big left toe that has bothered him this week. His sore ankle that kept him out of four games is also repaired. He will start against the Colts on Sunday.

Unspoken word: Jauron offered a lesson in journalism Friday, defending his position on anonymous quotes. …