NLC's Nathanson Named to FCC Local Advisory Group

Article excerpt

The Federal Communications Commission Chairman, William E. Kennard, appointed Nancy Nathanson, City Councilor of Eugene, Oregon, to fill a vacancy on the FCC's Local and State Government Advisory Committee (LSGAC). The National League of Cities strongly supported City Councilor Nathanson's candidacy to fill the current vacancy.

The LSGAC is comprised of elected and appointed officials of municipal, county, state and tribal governments. It provides advice and information to the FCC on key issues relevant to the local and state governments, including public rights-of-way, facilities siting, universal service. removed of barriers to competitive entry and public safety communications.

"Councilor Nathanson's appointment to the LSGAC will help ensure that the concerns of municipal governments will continue to be part of the deliberative process as the FCC works to implement the Telecommunications Act of 1996," said NLC Executive Director Don Borut. "In particular," he said, "her regional experience will allow her to provide sound recommendations and information to the FCC on key issues affecting the Pacific-Northwest. Councilor Nathanson's role, as Vice Chair of the National League of Cities' Information and Technology (ITC) Steering Committee, will certainly help the LSGAC to effectively facilitate intergovernmental communication between local and state governments and the FCC. …