Football: Eldrick's Open Win Was out of This World

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TIGER WOODS is a multi-millionaire Grand Slam winner at 24. He's probably the greatest golfer of all time - but his real name is Eldrick!

Even his dodgy moniker didn't stop golf fans calling the Hotline to pay tribute to the new Open champion.

Over to Ian Grant from Falkirk for some lame Tiger puns.

He said: "Tiger was burning bright and there wasn't a challenger in sight. He showed grace and splendid courage to devour the course.

"The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of a serious challenger. If Tiger keeps roaring I can't see anyone beating him."

Brian Preston from Kent was at the Old Course to watch the American make history.

He said: "I've been watching golf for 35 years and that's the best display I've ever seen.

"Tiger made the others look like amateurs. He's not just in a different league - he's on another planet.

"He reckons there's more to come but if he gets any better there won't be a golf course in the world that can tame him."

Tom Robertson from Bathgate said: "Golf is in a bad way if David Duval is the world's second best player.

"I thought he was going to ask his caddie for a bucket and spade in the famous road hole bunker."

Paul Wilson from Leith claims the moment was spoiled by the BBC.

He said: "I thought the BBC's coverage of the Open was terrible. It's the worst I've ever seen.

"They didn't keep viewers up to date with the latest scores and spent all their time covering a tiny handful of players.

"It's no wonder Sky and Channel 4 want to pinch it off them. I'm sure either of them could do a better job."

Stephen MacKenzie from Edinburgh thought the TV coverage was fine - it was the streakers he didn't like.

He said: "I know this isn't strictly sports related but, apart from the lap dancer on the 18th green on Sunday, the streakers at this year's Open were pretty tame. …