'World AIDS Day' Events Call for Infection Prevention

Article excerpt

To mark the 13th ``World AIDS Day'' today, various events and campaigns will be carried out to enhance public awareness of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), that is steadily increasing in Korea.

A ceremony will be held at Korea Press Center today with 50 youth, women, and health organizations under the theme,``World AIDS Campaign-Men Make a Difference.'' The National Institute of Health, the Korean Alliance to Defeat AIDS (KADA) and the Korea Anti-AIDS Federation jointly hosts the event.

Police Chief Kim Kang-ja, who lead the investigations against underage prostitution early this year, will be one of the speakers at the ceremony, set to lecture about Korean men's sexual behaviors related with AIDS.

``This year's campaign will be centered on the men's roles preventing AIDS, as they are usually the ones who contract and transmit the disease,'' said an KADA official.

As a preliminary ceremony, a candlelight congregation was held yesterday in Kwanghwamun, central Seoul, to cherish the memory of those who died of AIDS and give moral support to the medical personnel and volunteers who dedicated themselves to preventing the spread of the disease. A huge tree adorned with a red ribbon, the world symbol for AIDS, was also lit to convey the message of AIDS prevention to citizens till the year-end. …