Haiku Poetry Sites Bring out the Poet in Web Surfers

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Byline: Stacey Cara Cohen Daily Herald Staff Writer

Internet haiku

poorly written, weird subjects

the mind does boggle.

Bill Bixby haiku. "NewsRadio" haiku. Fruit fly haiku.

It seems haiku, the ancient form of Japanese lyric poetry, brings out the poet in people. While most follow a three-line, 5-7- 5 syllable style, some poems have fewer syllables.

That said, a few haiku sites stand out from the rest. The first, Haiku-o-Matic, has been around for a long time.

Go to www.smalltime.com/nowhere/rhubarb/haiku.cgi. Here you'll get the gist of most Web haiku: very bad, but often quite amusing. The site offers a constant supply of haiku in a separate browser window (shown one poem at a time). A new one appears every 30 seconds or so, but you can click refresh or reload if you're impatient.

Some poems are quite funny:

From here I can see

my neighbor in lingerie ...

and here comes his wife.

The site lets you submit your own haiku, or check out the scrambled haiku that throws lines together from three different poems.

If the current political scene depresses you, let some presidential haiku perk you up at http://haiku575. …