Politics: Adams 'Peace' Theory Blasted

Article excerpt


ULSTER Unionist security spokesman Ken Maginnis has reacted with anger to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adam's declaration that ''imperfect peace is better than war''.

Mr Adams made the statement in an interview with a Sunday newspaper. He also said that while his party was sticking with the peace process, he described it as ''a battle a day''.

Mr Maginnis was also infuriated by the Sinn Fein president's pronouncements on demilitarisation; he accused the British Government of remilitarising south Armagh.

And he disagreed with Mr Adam's assertion that he would see a united Ireland within his lifetime.

The way in which Mr Adams and his colleagues were steering republicanism meant a united Ireland was less likely than 30 years ago, the senior Ulster Unionist politician said.

On the issue of the current difficulties facing the peace process and the on-going violence, Mr Adams told the Sunday Business Post: ''Imperfect peace is better than war."

He blamed the British Government for the current impasse, which he said was just one of the many that had ''rendered people crisis-fatigued and complacent''.

He also spoke of the ''deficit of trust'' which is plaguing the Agreement.

But Mr Maginnis branded Mr Adams' declaration on imperfect peace a hackneyed and negative cliche which allowed Sinn Fein to let its Good Friday Agreement responsibilities slide.

''What he said was nothing but an old cliche, not to be taken seriously. But he is full of them. He is forever trying to philosophise about the current difficulties, making speeches, the whole basis of some of things he says is dishonest," Mr Maginnis said. …