Lake in the Hills Physician Denies Giving Patient a Kiss

Article excerpt

Byline: Bill Cole Daily Herald Staff Writer

A Lake in the Hills doctor on Wednesday emphatically denied forcing a kiss on a female patient who was in his examining room for a checkup.

Defense attorney Tim Mahoney then called for a directed verdict of not guilty in the misdemeanor battery trial of Dr. Mohammed Khaleeluddin.

Closing arguments had been expected today in the bench trial.

The state has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt contact of an insulting nature.

But Mahoney said allegations Khaleeluddin wrapped his arms around the unsuspecting woman and kissed her "isn't corroborated by any other human being on this earth."

That the woman was there to see the family practitioner in part because she had sores in her mouth makes the charge that much more incredible, Mahoney added.

Judge Gordon Graham said he would weigh the matter overnight. The trial is expected to resume today.

The decision may set the tone for future cases; Khaleeluddin, 49, is charged with 10 additional counts of simple battery for allegedly improperly touching the breasts of 10 other women, according to prosecutors.

The charge at hand, brought by a Crystal Lake woman, is being tried separately because it alleges an improper hug and kiss on Jan. 5, 1998.

All of the reported abuses occurred at Khaleeluddin's Lake in the Hills office between March 1997 and January 1998.

The 34-year-old Crystal Lake woman testified on Tuesday she was seen by Khaleeluddin five times.

During the first exam, the woman said, Khaleeluddin had her lie on the examining table, pulled up her shirt and bra, and examined her breasts.

She said the doctor was "cupping" her breasts, which was inconsistent with the many breast exams she had had before.

However, Louise Dittman, a nurse who worked in the office at the time, testified she was present and the breast exam did not seem out of the ordinary. …