Fat Chance; Dance Away the Pounds with the Help of Ex-EastEnder Patsy Palmer's Video

Article excerpt

Byline: Julie MacCaskill

IT'S that time of year again. You've had too much festive food, guzzled your way through a sweet shop full of chocolate and now you want to lose weight.

The thought of dieting and going to the gym might make you feel worse than you do looking in the mirror.

So what are you going to do? Join a gym then never bother going? Buy a bigger size in clothing and complain the shops have got it all wrong? Or pull on your Lycra leggings and get jogging? Exercise ... it's a terrifying prospect.

Have no fear, Patsy Palmer is here with a fitness video with a difference.

The former EastEnders loud mouth lost a stone in weight without dieting, just by dancing her way thin. That's what she tells us anyway.

Desperate to firm up, Patsy put on a stone in weight after giving birth to baby Fenton back in June last year.

Patsy was addicted to buying fitness videos but never actually practised any of the workouts.

"My mates would come round to do a workout," says Patsy. "We'd sit and watch the video - then someone would say: 'Oh forget it' and we'd end up going down the nightclub instead."

It was her indifference to fitness which motivated Patsy into creating the first ever workout video aimed at clubbers. Strange but true.

If you've had a particularly exhaustive session on the dancefloor largin' it over the festive season you'll empathise with Patsy's latest fitness fad.

Maybe that explains why clubbers always look permanently knackered after a good night out ... or maybe not.

And for those who only get exercise walking from the front door to the car, this fitness videos may just be a subtle introduction to fighting the flab. …