District 54 Class Evaluation System in the Works

Article excerpt

Byline: Jamie Sotonoff Daily Herald Staff Writer

A new system is in the works to evaluate multiage classes, restructured schools and other new programs in Schaumburg Township Elementary School District 54.

The intent is to design a model evaluation system that determines if programs benefit students, and whether the programs should be kept, scrapped or refined.

"It's a very valuable process," school board member Kerry Waser said. "In the long run, it will also help the planning process."

With guidance from an educational research consultant, Assistant Superintendents Marianne Zito and Ed Rafferty and two district evaluation committees made up of teachers, parents and administrators recently began putting together the system.

The work involves a six-step process. The first step, which began in August 1998, was to identify what makes the program work well. For example, multiage classrooms are a success because parents are more involved in the classrooms.

As they put together the model, the team is using just multiage classrooms and restructured schools as examples. …