Two Rivers Responsible for Lots of Recreation and History around Alton, Ill

Article excerpt

Byline: Madelyn Merwin

Q: I'm going to Alton, Ill., on business and plan to stay a few extra days. Can you tell me where I can get some information that will list things to do and see, places to eat, etc.?

A: Alton has just produced its 1999 Visitors Guide, and it's loaded with information.

I thumbed through a copy that was sent to me, and I'm amazed at the history and recreation available in that area. Alton plays on the fact that two great rivers, the Mississippi and the Illinois, produce 50 miles of picturesque countryside, dotted with quaint villages and historic towns ... all of this just 60 miles from St. Louis' famous arch.

The guide, complete with maps, boating and auto services, lodging, attractions, recreation and shopping, is yours, free of charge, by calling (800) 258-6645.

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The free "1999 Indiana Golf and Travel Guide" listing the Hoosier state's golf courses and resorts can be had by calling (800) 469-4612.

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