Area Townships to Hold Annual Meetings

Article excerpt

Byline: Gerard Dziuba

When the Dundee Township Board convenes its annual meeting at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, it's anyone's guess how many residents will attend.

If people have a burning issue they want to discuss as last year, they will come, said Dundee Township Supervisor Jim Peterson.

"Last year, about 60 people attended. Most of them came to hear about the open space district," Peterson said.

That district was created three years ago when voters approved a referendum to allow the township to sell bonds to buy property that would not be developed but used for recreation purposes.

But if they don't have anything on their minds, the annual meeting, which will be held at the township hall, 557 Barrington Ave., East Dundee, may not be well attended.

Annual meetings are designed to tell residents how the township is running, what happened in the past year and what programs will be started in the coming year.

At the meetings board members may also:

- set the time and day when monthly meetings will be held,

- buy and sell property,

- call for road improvements,

- approve contracts with the county sheriff's department for police protection in rural areas,

- approve advisory referendums for the next election, and

- authorize fire protection in unincorporated areas. …