A Few Outtakes from Movie Theaters

Article excerpt

Byline: Sandra Del Re

The smell of buttery popcorn wafting through the air. The opportunity to escape the daily drudgery of your life and take a voyeuristic dive into the experience of others.

It's these two ingredients that serve as the enticing recipe that beckons us to into the seemingly safe cocoon of a dark movie theater.

Whether we are watching an action film, comedy, romance or horror movie, we sometimes feel as if we get to know our heroes and enemies personally.

And so we also rant and rave when our favorite doesn't win the Academy Award.

But, by the time we leave the theater after cheering on Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting," laughing at Ben Stiller in "There's Something about Mary" or admiring Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shakespeare in Love," we usually leave a little richer.

And, with the elevated cost of admission tickets, we also leave a little poorer.


The price of an adult movie ticket at Lowes Cineplex Theatres, 1701 Algonquin Road, Rolling Meadows. The cost is $4.75 for children younger than 12 and seniors older than 62. Admission at or before 6 p.m. is $5.


The number of movie screens at American Multi-Cinema South Barrington 30 Theatres. Auditoriums, complete with stadium seating for better viewing, seats between 100 to 600 people. As many as 20 first-run movies play at the multiplex on any given weekend.


The price Chicago-area movie critic Gene Siskel paid for the white disco suit John Travolta wore in "Saturday Night Fever." Siskel, whose reviews were read by people all over the Northwest suburbs, died in February. Services were held in Highland Park.


The height - in stories - of the Northwest suburbs' newest IMAX theater screen, the Regal IMAX on Milwaukee Avenue in Lincolnshire. …